Whisky Review: Lagavulin Aged 16 Years 

Tasting Notes:

Lagavulin Aged 16 Years ☆☆

Style: Smoky and Serene


Sweet, smoky aroma emits a calming aura. All edges have been well polished… Within lemon fruits there is the slightest hint of raisins and flowing nectar, sweet and nicely layered. A drier side is unfolded when you plunge deeper, orange peels, pine nuts with a touch of brine and oak.


Sweetened smoke condenses on your palate in liquid form. Citrus orange and red fruits weave the palate beautifully with soft bonfire smoke and peat filling up every possible gap in the silkiest fashion… Beautiful barley waltz in with vanilla pods. Oak contributes, almost black tea like at one point, while fireside smoke churning lightly from background. Delicate texture with extra gentle spice. Stunning quality.


Resilient vanilla towards the end, in which there is reminiscent of earthy peat, ember and beachside campfire smoke lingering and fading slowly.


A must-try for every whisky lover, especially for those who just started their whisky journey and not sure what whisky (and Islay whiskies to a certain extent) is about. Delicate, sweet, nice introduction of peat with graceful smoke which makes you savour every sip… Brilliantly constructed, top quality dram with an attracting price. Highly recommended.