Whisky Review: Benromach 10 Years Old 100° Proof

Tasting Notes:

Benromach 10 Years Old 100° Proof ☆☆

Style: Fruity and Spicy


Robust aromatic and spiced nose of vanilla flower, apple pie, cinnamon sticks and pear. A hint of lime zest running through the sharp edge of red hot spice. A side glimpse of dry haystack, honeycomb and milk that makes the nose deep, complex and powerful.


Rather fresh grape and cherry notes landed with mighty spice which gives a really good kick. Followed by a special concoction of red liquorice, honeycomb, blood orange, raisins and oak with lovely waxiness. Comforting oily texture with a compact and intense structure. Vanilla and milk entering the final scene to mellow down the tune.


Red fruit notes strides on at the finish but the oak influence is more profound. A more bitter bite with smokiness and bonfire ashiness. Faint drop of vanilla oil and honey is released towards the end, giving a balancing sweet touch for the dram.


What a beast we have here! Personally I like whiskies with good strength which can also offer great complexity, this is immediately my new nightcap favourite after I tried it in a tasting session. Compact, unique blend of sweetness, dryness, spiciness and waxiness empowered by the alcohol monster… This is the whisky that can really tug you to bed!