Dram Review: Michel Couvreur 1983

[46.0%・30 Years Old・Distilled in 1983・Bottled Circa 2014・Michel Couvreur Bottling・Single Cask Release]

The late Mr. Michel Couvreur was a whisky maker I very much respect, his love and understanding of Speyside whiskies and how he was able to add another dimension to his offerings through the unique ageing process have been thoroughly inspiring. I must say this 29 years old single malt distilled in 1983 is yet another one of his ingeniously crafted whiskies, perhaps even the best Michel Couvreur I have had to date in my honest opinion.


Pear sweets and rose syrup infused jelly, without much doubt, the nose embodies the Speyside signature of clean fruitiness. A touch of coal smoke with a gentle oakiness coming through in a much dignified delivery.

Palate & Finish:

On the palate, it begins with a lovely lemony note that only serves to bring out the sherry cask influenced sweetness of raisins, hibiscus syrup and orange peels. There is a wee brush of waxiness before a malted cream note settling in.

Slight hints of dark chocolate coated glaced cherries and café au lait in the finish, a tobacco note that’s earthy and drying.


The whisky has a light body yet it’s remarkably complex, a dram that has swept me off my feet.

☆ [Recommended]

– Nicholas