Whisky Review: Laphroaig Triple Wood

Tasting Notes:

Laphroaig Triple Wood

Style: Smoky and Oaky


Rich caramel aroma comes through with a subtle briny bite. Fluttering charcoal smoke and roasted coffee beans. Nice orange zest gives a big healthy zing in the middle. Another pinch of salt reveals hints of peat and hay lying lazily at the back seat.


Bright vanilla strides in, going slightly floral. Fireplace fume churning, smoked sherry oak hands out delightful roundness and finesse to the dram, while latte and almonds notes running on the edge of bitterness. Oak-smeared citrus orange joins the party with freshness to hit a higher tone. Dry peat and coastal notes gradually visible towards the end.


Finishes with a brush of chocolate. Burnt cedar wood and dry earthy peat, traces of coffee ground and nutmeg.


Nice easy dram with a rather oak-driven theme. Triple Wood also demonstrates the versatility of the Laphroaig spirit with big flavours but able to do infinite nuanced variations. Nice coordination between multiple casks, peat is a bit subdued but it gives a good ending touch to the structure. Massive but very approachable. Recommended to drinkers who want to get into Laphroaig.




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