Dram Review: Hakushu Sherry Cask 2014 Release

[48.0%・Bottled in 2014・Original Bottling・Limited Release]


The nose fares subtle at first, prunes simmering away with a background presence of smoked barley. Crafted with finesse, the sherry led creaminess gives way to bright stone fruits, held together with just a brush of glue.

Palate & Finish:

Rich salted caramel on the palate with the fragrant elements from the cask slowly unfolding. The brightness spikes before reverting to a gentler strawberry jam note. Toasted granola with just enough peat in the background to be noticeable.

That minimal peat note serves to bring out a chocolate-y note, all the while the dry spices interacts with the creamy malt, alongside a wee playful touch of fructose.


I suppose I am quite particular when it comes to distillery characters, a heavily sherried Hakushu can lose touch with its signature forest pine note that’s most alluring. This does not warrant criticisms of course, a well constructed dram is tasty regardless of where it’s from, though I suppose one can’t help but long for that little something that’s missing.

☆ [Recommended]