Whisky Review: Caol Ila Aged 30 Years (Special Release 2014)

Tasting Notes:

Caol Ila Aged 30 Years (Special Release 2014) ☆☆

Style: Elegant and Complex

Fragrant pine aroma with fresh tropical fruits notes. Topping with vanilla whipped cream then the drier side slowly revealed itself. Timber shavings and dry spices rising from ashy burnt coal. Coastal peat with a wink of limestone.

A most elegant touchdown of beautiful apple fruits softened by vanilla and floral notes. Glorious forest pine cruises through which is then transmuted into an oaky trail. Tropical fruits, figs and toffee simmering tenderly to keep a cheerful tone. Mineral licks, laundry powder undertone. Distant smoke and peat finally closing in towards the end.

Traces of green pine lingers with apple toffee. A dash of salt and peat swaying and fainting from distance.

Interestingly I did not like it at first impression. But it turned out to be such a beautiful and complex Caol Ila. Fresh sweetness and elegant texture with good maturation factored into it. Sure, the Islay characteristics- smoke and peat is not as powerful as its younger siblings, but they have played their supporting role well to make this a sensational whisky.



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