First Impression: Brora 14th Release Aged 37 Years

A 37 Yo out of the 1977 vintage from the lost Highland distillery, I was lucky to taste this a while back at a tasting where Diageo’s 2015 releases was showcased.

Crumbly whisky tablets upon a fine layer of wax and a slight citrus presence on the nose initially, it’s closely followed by the cowshed peat bringing in a lighter tone of fragrance with it, complimented by a light brush of café au lait and toasted coconut chips. The earthiness and grassiness come on the backend and it becomes rather savoury. The nose is certainly mouthwateringly enticing.

A light entry of vanilla sugar and zesty orange on the palate, crisp and lovingly coated with just a touch of waxiness. It then grows savoury with the woody peat note bringing in the oiliness of the malt.

The maltiness eases gradually into a long finish of toasted cereals with the peatiness extending alongside the succulent bright fruits.

The oldest Brora Annual Release yet, though it is a rather lovely drop, it seems pretty apparent that this would probably have been more impressive if it were bottled a couple of years earlier . I don’t suppose we will be seeing a lot of older, and more importantly better offerings from this glorious distillery..