Whisky Review: Bunnahabhain Aged 18 Years

Tasting Notes:

Bunnahabhain Aged 18 Years

Style: Sherry, Fruity and Aromatic


Soaring waves of toffee sherry, vanilla and almonds on the nose. A dense, oily and soothing scent… At the heart we have chocolate pecans with a dash of salt, sweet cream brûlée and dried mangoes. Dim lit spice gives a nice, soft glow. What a pleasant, enjoyable nose.


Delicious black currants build up with a zingy twist of kamquat on the palate. Zesty spices orchestrate the movement of California red grape juice, solid hazelnut and lemon sponge cake notes. Lay back mineral touches. Finishes with subdued red liquorice, chocolate and timber oak.


Long raisin and almond finish. Gently sweet, more dark chocolate infused with a hint of citrus.


Sheer sherry quality. No wonder Bunna is adored by whisky lovers (myself included). How wonderful is it when we can enjoy such a quality whisky day in day out without paying a hefty price? Complex but smooth, sweetly balanced, aromatic and simply delicious!

☆☆ [Highly Recommended]

[46.3%・2014・Non Chill Filtered ・ Non Coloured ・Original Bottling ・ General Release ・**-]