First Impression: Paul John Bold

The Bold is crafted with peat sourced from both the Scottish Highland and Islay, cheers to Mr. Sam Kumar and the Paul John team in Australia for this sample, it’s much appreciated on this cold winter night.

Toasted cumin seeds on the nose with a dose of sugary strawberry jam and lemon custard running as an initial side plot. This is followed by a robust maltiness that makes the peat influence distant, like a peat bog bonfire down the road. The clean grassy note provides a freshness that leads back to the initial sugary note.
On the palate there is a brief introduction of vanilla, lemon essence and refined white sugar, coated in a buttery body, before the vegetal peatiness arrives, bringing about the chunky woody spices along with the biscuity maltiness and overshadowing the sweetness of the barley.

The maltiness does trail off in the finish and the peatiness and woodiness reveal themselves once more, swirling and lingering in your oral cavity.

Sugary and vegetal with a few secondary plots, there is a clear focus on the spirit and the addition of peat.