Whisky Review: Octomore Edition 07.1 Scottish Barley


Another year, another series of peat monster. Octomore hits number 7. It is interesting that Edition 7.1 is quite different to what 6.1 has offered: a buck load of bonfire smoke and ash. The new release has edged more towards the fruity, molasses side which I do find it a pleasant surprise. Perhaps in my mind, you do need a lot of sweetness and flavours to counterbalance the insane level of peat. I quite like this.



Tasting Notes:

Octomore Edition 7.1

Style: Peaty and Spritely


Light mango syrup and floral aroma encounter an organic mix of peat, hay and mineral notes. Sly white vinegar fuming, and underneath hides a solid layer of vanilla malt. Bright, fruity and peaty nose.


Stellar, clean sweetness on the palate! Honey, mango yogurt and passion fruit fruity notes landed with massive spice. Flavours slowly diverge into multiple layers, light molasses and honeycomb marshalled by muscular spice, while considerable bonfire peat smoke looming over the scene. More farm, organic murmur with a heavy brush of milk chocolate. Ends with a reflux of cereal dryness and sweetness.


Molasses threads through and dances around the dying bonfire. Ashy but a glow of fruitiness could still be sighted.


Under the fruity mask hides a complex personality with this dram. Young but with great depth. 208 ppm does smash a lot of peat in your face but it does not really steal the show. The sweetness and spiciness managed to find a wonderful balance somehow. A vivid, enjoyable dram.

[59.5%・2015・Non Chill Filtered・Non Coloured・Cask Strength・Original Bottling・Limited Edtion・Aged 5 Years]