Dram Review: Wolfburn Single Malt

[46.0%・NAS・Bottled in 2016・Official Bottling・General Release]

I first heard of Wolfburn when I was actually in Wick during my pilgrimage to Old Pulteney. It certainly felt like a missed opportunity back then not to seek out the new player in town, especially when frankly I had no interest in confronting my flight-phobia in one of those seemingly fragile turboprop planes, ever again.

And so I was delighted when Scott from Dram Club whipped out the 3 Yo bottle at their Parkside Grand Finale a few weeks ago, the first that was cracked in Sydney as far as we were concerned.


On the nose it’s still pretty youthful with a wee new make influence, golden honey and full of harvest barley, beyond the oiliness there is a grassy note with a toasted oak note, as well as a touch of cooper with a brush of sea salt spray.

Palate & Finish:

Bright liquid honey on the palate, sweet malt with a slight peaty edge, a touch of tobacco cutting through the cane sugar syrup. The ashiness expands but the sweetness lingers on with a toasted cereal note.

As the maltiness fades out the char influence lends a savoury, roasted veggies like note in the finish that is quite intriguing.


A well made whisky that’s considering it’s just 3 years old, I don’t believe it’s beginner’s luck either, I will be looking out for their older stuff in the future, very promising indeed.