Whisky Review: Yamazaki Aged 18 Years


As the Yamazaki 18 is getting close to becoming a $1,000 whisky in Australia, I was happy to revisit the 18 Yo in Japan where a full nip costed $A10.

I adore Japanese whiskies, because when you sit down and spend time with it, you will realise how refine it is, very pure and elegant. Yamazaki 18 showcased the wonderful balance between the components – Sherry, Mizunara (Japanese oak), spirit, etc. One of my favourites.


Tasting Notes:

Yamazaki 山崎 18 Years Old ☆

Style: Elegant and Composed


Immense fruitiness, tangy citrus from fresh oranges, peach, apple and lively red fruits commanding majestic fragrance. Then we have the milky side, vanilla and toffee notes with a touch of creamy oiliness in it. Rounded off with a faint hint of oak. An almost prefect nose to me.


Citrusy orange notes continue to lead the charge, delicious and refreshing. The rhythm then descends to a lower, but sweeter and cleaner red fruit sherry notes. We have some red liquorice, cherries and raisins. Spiciness has supported the weight perfectly. Orchard fruity flavours beaming lightly, a nice trot towards the oaky notes, wraps up with a lovely milk chocolate dip.


More chocolate on the finish. Sweet raisin and rum undertone, malty notes which is finally clear and sound, spices fizz a little and the rest is that enjoyable fruity sweet peck lingering as long as you want.


Japanese whiskies generally excel in composure, and this does it best. Outstanding fruitiness and complexity presented in true class and elegance. Definitely one of my favourite whiskies if I can spend hours with it. Not to say the current market price is justified, nonetheless Yamazaki 18 is a must-have whisky that sets the standard.

[43% • 2014 • Non Chill Filtered • Non Coloured • Original Bottling • Bottle Number: 674527]