Dram Review: Yoichi Heavily Peated

[48.0%・NAS・Bottled in 2015・Official Bottling・Limited Release]

I remember the distillery only peaty and salty 12 Yo quite fondly so I was looking forward to this Heavily Peated, despite it being a NAS.


It’s rather milky on the nose with a coal element. The milky note somewhat resembles an Octomore but this is more refined, there’s no head rush of peat but it’s still earthy with a vegetative note. Lemon peels with a chic sandalwood note that blankets over the sweet barley.

Palate & Finish:

Caramel slices with plums and apricots. The sugary barley note is intermixed with citrus spices before the velvety creaminess sets in. Almond butter with a powdery delivery of peat.

Hint of milk chocolate as the peat softens out. A wee dose of ashiness with a chewy biscuit note as the barley sugar lingers in the background.


Distilleries tend to put more effort on the first batch of a new release and this is no exception, I wonder what they will put out next though, will the new offering continue to live up to expectation, such is the question..

☆ [Recommended]