Whisky Review: Ardbeg 1977


Finally a vintage Ardbeg. I was looking forward to try this as I have already seen plenty of the younger side of the distillery. Took me two nights to write up this review and I was very , very impressed with this bottle. Unfortunately the price of vintage Ardbegs have rocketed through the roof in auctions. Hopefully LVMH will shake things up once in while and dish out some good old age-statements (Although rumour has it that there will be a 21 years old coming out soon)… Cheers!


Tasting Notes 

Ardbeg 1977 ☆☆

Style: Serene and Dignified

Aroma of harmony. Every element is on the same wavelength – lemons, fresh pine, coastal peat, malt and white pepper singing a late night serenade. More cereal notes open up elegantly over time. It is a bit shy, but very rewarding when you spend time and discover the amazing experience it has to offer.


The sweetness drops in beautifully on the palate. Immaculate texture with a delicate spice graze! Matcha touches, unfolding into pine, honey oat and stewed tropical fruits notes. The sweet facade is braced by the tender undertone sea salt and medicinal peat. Flavours slightly fading off towards the end, leaving a light Ardbeggian malty trail…


A tread of peat and mineral residues. Soothing jasmine floral scent and vanilla candle incense. Light, fragrant finish.


Passive as this dram might seem to be, but it has made up with seamless amalgamation of flavours, the degree of element integration is unprecedented. Supreme complexity, if only it can rack up more firepower! Serene, sensational whisky…

Age: 27 Years Old