Whisky Review: Taketsuru 21 Years Old Port Wood Finish


Tasted this in a bar during my trip to Japan. Found this in Kanazawa, a relatively remote city which is famous for seafood, hot springs and Japanese sweets (和駄菓子). This is considered a rather rare find because most of the Japanese whiskies have been wiped out in this whisky boom, and I was correct – I did not see this bottle again anywhere else, both in Japan whisky bars and bottle shops. I am glad I have tried this for real, even it was tasted in a cigarette smoke-filled bar and nosing it was literally impossible. For fans of Taketsuru, this is a real treat. Not only it is a rare limited edition, it is also a notch up from what I have tried so far. Cheers!


Tasting Notes:

Taketsuru 竹鶴 21 Years Old Port Wood Finish

Style: Sweet and Silky


Light first touch, feathery texture, citrus lemon and quickly pursued by soft raisin sweetness. A peck of smoke and sourness, then we have tropical fruits and bright coconuts notes. Milk chocolate pudding in the mid-palate as the oak influence begins to play a part. Lovely malt breaks through towards the end to give a lovely back taste.


Raisin and malt dally on the finish, warm, fuzzy and comfy. Softened smoke comes in with a long and complex chocolate mix. Signatory silkiness makes it so enjoyable!


The Port wood finish has instilled extra red fruit sweetness, roundness and probably a hint of sourness to the pure malt. It also created a new dimension of it. Silky as ever, the texture remains one of the best I have ever encountered. Exceptional complexity and finesse.

☆☆ [Highly Recommended]

[46% • 2014 • Non Chill Filtered • Non Coloured • Original Bottling • Blended Malt • **]