Whisky Review: Limeburners Port Cask M144 Cask Strength


I feel blessed to live in the age of Aussie whisky boom, with many craft distillers have produced amazing whiskies that we can be proud of, and Limeburners being one of them. I was blown away when I had my first sip, it was so unique, so gusty! Yes, it does not taste like scotch or Japanese whisky. But why do we have to?? Aussie whiskies can be equally delicious in a different style!


Tasting notes: 

Limeburners Port Cask M144 Cask Strength ☆

Style: Sweet and Musky


A powerful whiff of spice, hints of fresh chilli followed by syrupy, port-charged aroma. Short flash of vanilla then we have a firm, buttery malt at the center. A slightly dried barley end note.


Warm, red grapes infused malty flavours cruising through the palate. Unique, rustic backbone: A combination of rhubarb, beeswax, celery, slightly earthy and vanilla makes it a really special, and more importantly, soothing sensation. Then we have orange peels, raisins in the mix of powerful spice. Finishes off with a light malty touch.


Nice, juicy raisin notes holds on, with a lovely vanilla-honey, oaky twist.


I always have a soft spot for Limeburners, because I love their rustic, masculine style of whisky. Decent complexity with a strong uncompromising core. Very unique, very powerful stuff. It has been quite a while since my last visit to my Limeburners stash, but after this, I can confirm it will always be my heart-warming, inspiring Aussie dram for any day.
[61% •2015 • Single Cask • Cask Strength • Non Chill Filtered • Original Bottling • Barrel Number: M144 • Bottle Number:205 • 221 Bottles]