Whisky Review: Lagavulin Aged 8 Years

Happy Birthday Lagavulin, I couldn’t wait for the official Australian release in July/August so here’s my thoughts…

A lush dose of milky peat on the nose. Underlying blackcurrants with a generous splash Mediterranean spices providing that provocative vibe, smoked flannel seeds with vanilla dust. A sultry incense note burning in the background with a refreshing citrus note indicating its youthfulness.

A gorgeous body with quite a textural mouthfeel, albeit a tad unrefined, though not without good reasons, just slightly away from the delicate nature Lagavulin is perhaps best known on Islay for. These is a creaminess infused with shortbread note, with the peat steadily building up along the way. The fruitiness is subdued but remains sublime, like a young likeable actress stealing the scene. There is a sencha green tea note with a wagashi of dark chocolate truffle dusted with vanilla sugar on the mid-palate. Meanwhile the delivery of spices is raw and punchy, almost wasabi like, with a second wave of peat ripping in, bringing about notes of limestone and chargrilled vegetables and in turn following through with a stylish sooty finish.

A young release that without a doubt does the distillery proud, but surely it cannot be the only 200th anniversary release we are getting this year, right? I for one cannot wait to see what Lagavulin reveals later on in the year..