Dram Review: Compass Box Great King St Glasgow Blend

[43.0% • Bottled in 2014 • No Age Statement • Compass Box Bottling • Limited Edition]

It occurs to me that perhaps I have been quite spoilt lately as I seem to have been taking the more assessable whiskies for granted. I suppose I only have one liver and I need to make choices in regards to the whisky I pour myself on any given night; but whenever I pour myself a quality entry level whisky, such as this one, I am always humbled.

I remember trying the Glasgow Blend at the Compass Box HQ, though it didn’t blow me away back then, I have grown to quite appreciate it after recently acquiring a bottle, for under $60 I believe.


Fine crystallised sweetness from whisky tablets on the nose, lightly toasted vanilla bean with a thin and assertive smoke than expands in time, burnt coal and diesel. There is a dried lime zest that gives a slight disruption.

Palate & Finish:

A flowing entry of gooey sweet custard on the palate with a diluted influence of raisins and cured mandarins. There is an injection of dirty smoke that’s chaotic and chic at the same time with the earthy and bitter notes. Dark chocolate powder appears as the smoke develops.

A medium finish that is slightly chewy, espresso ground with the peat smoke clinging on, giving way to a tobacco dryness.


This is a whisky that comes in handy when one isn’t sure whether to go peat, ex-bourbon or ex-sherry, it is what it says it is, may be just a touch on the thin side but there is certainly enough of a body to fuse the flavours together.