Whisky Review: Overeem Sherry Cask OHD-003

In anticipation of the port cask release tomorrow I thought I might revisit the OHD-003.

Bright lemon peels well balanced by a heavier note of salted toffee. The nose is full of yins and yangs… beeswax and apple jam with toasted hazelnuts; almond butter applied on soft tan leather; French vanilla grain along with sandalwood; meaty but it’s also floral. It is filled with contrasts yet when the elements are presented together, it forms an unintentional piece of art I suppose.

On the palate the acidity of summery fruits leads first, followed by a familiar cola gummy bear note that’s rather pleasing. There is a creamy edge from a light beer before the sticky sweetness and concentrated citrus note blossom into diluted Manuka honey and liquor soaked orange slices with touches of chocolate coated coffee beans and cinnamon sugar. All this with a somewhat exhilarating burn of spices that is rather consistent all the way into the finish.

There is also a glimpse of oak in the form of a walnut like bitterness in the finish along with an orange zest note.