Dram Review: The Balvenie Tun 1401 Batch No. 8

[50.2%・NAS・Official Bottling・Limited Release of 2,700 Bottles]


Sweet mahogany on the nose, the fragrant note is so smooth it simply skids through, followed closely by a gentle honeyed woodiness. Toasted spices adding to the depth with just a touch of cinnamon sprinkled upon a brush of vintage sherry inspired acidity.

Palate & Finish:

The sweetness is oh so intense the moment it touches the lips, ripe fruits simmering away in maple syrup, the gooey texture of the fructose is simply indulgent. There are also notes of candied ginger and liquor cured orange slices to make this a festive dram.

The raisin note is pulled back in the finish to reveal notes of vanilla and harvest barley. Satisfying without being excessive, a gentlemanly dram that circumscribed its desires.

☆ [Recommended]