First Impression: GlenDronach Allardice Aged 18 Years

I have often voiced that the Allardice is one of my absolute favourite standard releases and a staple in my drinks cabinet, but it was only after reading Jonathan’s post on the Parliament that I realised I never really publicly disclose my appreciation towards this class, and so here is a very belated entry..

Breathe in, and one is exposed to gorgeous scents of crystallised raisins and sticky oranges, embedded with a dose of vanilla that gives the fruitiness some weight. The oak is fragrant and in its element, with a tiny pinch of ground pepper and the wee revitalising aroma of a good old cuppa. There is also a mellow undertone of burnt sugar crust and a touch of burnt toffee; a faint hint of smoked barbecue ribs is in the background but it hides underneath the syrupy raisin note and that lovely layer of maltiness that only appears on the backend.

Take a sip, and the juiciness of it is simply marvellous, an immediate injection of raisin nectar that shines bright, complimented by a saucy vanilla note that provides a thicker texture. Floral and tropical fruit notes come through and that’s before the creaminess surfaces. There is a masculine note of coal fire toasted barley to go with cinnamon and nutmeg spices, gently caressing the tastebuds. It’s a wonderfully smooth experience.

A subtle finish, but a lengthy one, the oak influence becomes gradually evident, produces hints of dark chocolate, black tea and cold drip coffee; along with a wee ashiness and the toasted granola note that stays for a while longer still.

A beautifully crafted whisky, but I suspect you already know that..