Dram Review: Karuizawa Aged 10 Years

[43.0%・10 Years Old・Ocean Whisky Bottling]


A whiff of packed raisin fructose arrives initially on the nose, surrounded with nips of pears, figs and wood chips. There is an understated layer of malt and vanilla cream, just enough in dosage that it adds to the depth but not so much that the tone gets weighted down. It’s rather dreamy really, a free spirited thing making men’s knees weak.

Palate & Finish:

On the palate, the malty nature speaks first, accompanied by the wee acidic nature of raisins as well as the fragrant sweetness. A touch of earthiness to go with the gentle drop. The saucy chocolate note then sips out in the mid-palate, gliding through the sherry creaminess seasoned with coconut sugar.

There is just enough of an earthy element coming through in the finish for the vivid dream to be grounded after all. A touch of peat toasted oak with a drying brush of raisins.


This may be a Karuizawa, but it was not produced with the intention of being yet another famed unicorn from the distillery. It’s something that’s meant to be casually enjoyed, and boy oh boy, isn’t this excellent for what it really is…

It’s a teenage dream.

☆ [Recommended]