Whisky Review: Ardbeg Dark Cove Committee Release

Took me a while but finally got some time to sit down with Dr. Bill Lumsden’s second creation of the year.Whisky tablets with a silky peat note on the nose. Unmistakably Ardbeg with the oily iodine note taking the lead and bright citrus fruits subtly poking out. French vanilla and Chinese herb twigs in the background along with hints of sugared ginger and lemongrass. The ‘dark sherry’ influence is there to compliment without altering the signature traits in any shape or form. It’s endearing to know that this is still fundamentally an gritty Ardbeg, unlike another Islay offering that has been finished in pedro ximenez casks..

Lemony with the syrup drenched raisin note on the palate at first. The peatiness then seamlessly sips in by way of the smooth vanilla. The fine tuned spices excite but don’t provoke, coated with elements of stone fruits.

Mangos, apricots and a wee coconut creaminess sip out on the mid-palate towards the finish, the peat is really an afterthought when the youthful fructose has already roped you in.

Forget about the colour, the marketing, the online store and the controversy. This Islay girl is simply tall and tan and young and lovely..