Dram Review: The Ichiro’s Malt Aged 15 Years The Final Vintage of Hanyu

[46.5%・15 Years Old・Bottled in 2015・Official Bottling・Limited Release of 3,710 Bottles]


A whisky named the final vintage of Hanyu is always going to be a collector’s item well sought after, even though it might not be the Hanyu you hope for.Toasted cereal and barbecue salt on the nose with an underlying layer of vanilla grain. Banana toffee surfaces with a hint of sandalwood.

Palate & Finish:

Pineapple flavoured gummy bears on the palate. There is a coating custard note as the Japanese grape jelly and sweet plum notes sip out.

A hint of roasted coffee beans that gradually eased out in the finish. A delicate drop with the spices just lightly scattered.