First Impression: Yamasaki Butt/Mizunara #6B 0021

Balsamic vinegar reduction laced on poached red apples that are fully ripen, with a creamy maltiness within. There is a stunning shrine woodiness, something that only develops after years of quiet maturation in a mizunara cask.Intertwining sweetness on the palate, caramel fudge alongside fruits that are ‘kanjuku’, alternating between the rich velvety note and a light fructose driven note that comes with a citrus edge. There is a sake like rice sweetness that is rather clean and mesmerising, leading towards a subservient but seasoned finish of cherries and tobacco.

It’s a special whisky where the oak absolutely gave its all to the spirit but in turn also took away certain qualities that would have elevated it to something truly unforgettable.