First Impression: BenRiach Cask Strength Batch 1

Cheers to Mr. Stewart Buchanan for bringing this whisky down under. A vat of a small batch at cask strength, the youngest being 10 years old, the oldest from 1986.

There is an elegant Speyside floral musk on the nose that puts the mind in ease. Pineapples and apricots with a appealing vanilla note. There is some youthful anise note but as a whole it doesn’t feel as young as some other cask strength offerings. There is a thin touch of maltiness with that mineral water note, a wee brush of menthol just on the very end.

Lemony custard with a saucy chocolate note on the palate, and then there it is, the menthol note makes a chic entrance. A gentle delivery of maltiness then makes an entry with instances of vanilla and oak spices.

A couple serves of after eight in the finish with traces of maltiness delightfully preserved.

A true speyside dram underneath the superb label, starring the malt.