Whisky Review: Port Charlotte Heavily Peated


Tasting Notes

Port Charlotte Scottish Barley Heavily Peated ☆

Style: Vivid and Deliciously Complex


Lovely notes rising out from the glass with fresh apricots and cheese, followed by a wave of barley, lavender and vanilla scent. Undertone of smoke and creamy peat (which I can relate this to the milky touch of Octomores) gradually looming from the back… Spices illuminates, slightly nose-numbing with strength and style. This is a rich and balanced nose to me.

Vivid palate charged up by industrious spice, carrying dynamic flavours of vanilla, nectar, peaches, oak, smoke and malt which collides, interacts and exploded like fireworks! A delicious burst of flavours which is very spirited and savoury! Enticing smoke wraps around the remaining notes of peat, fruity and vanilla at the ending minutes which makes it a smooth finale.



Picturing this finishing with a scene – drinking a light hearted fruit mocktail outside of a seaside barbecue house. Soft and pleasing tropical fruit punch, next-door char grill smoke and distant coastal touches. Brilliant.



A young, happy and lovely whisky! The flavours have been marshalled by the vibrant spice which set up a lively tempo and makes everything so smooth and refreshing! I love how the flavours are lined up so cleanly and exploded spontaneously. It is like watching a firework scene how different colours, sizes, elements are setup and released at the same instant to create a beautiful display.