Whisky Review: Lagavulin Aged 12 Years 2014 Edition

Tasting Notes

Lagavulin Aged 12 Years Cask Strength 2014 Edition ✓ [Recommended if you like the style/distillery]

Style: Smoky and Crisp


Begins with caramelised bacon and fresh pineapple, followed by some grassy, slightly floral and pine scent. Intermediate peat wrapping around the fruity and flourishing vanilla notes with light spices. Really smoky through and through.


Heavy touch on the palate with a curious mix of tropical fruits, zest, vanilla, hay, twigs, peat and masculine spices. The smoke element continues to play the zenith role- fumy, light on flavour but with intense presence. Then we have some pine freshness and vanilla cream rolling in, counter balanced by the ashiness and burnt timber. The core erupts and give the Whisky a very long, lovely fizz.

The gentle teasing of spice continues at the finish, leaving a trace of smokiness hints of charcoal. Light toffee notes relieves the load on the palate. Faint hint of bitterness from the smoke. Soft, smoky, sweet and delicious.


Heavily smoked, but with incredibly light aromas, Lagavulin 12 CS is easy to drink but the complexity is there with a unique balance between the stronger and weaker notes. Some are so elusive that I need quite a few drams to capture it. Both Nicholas and I think that it is a distillery that worth more attention. We do not see enough of the general releases other than the trademark 16 years old as well as the distillery edition. Definitely a nice drink for a stormy night in Sydney…

[54.4%・2014・Original Bottling・Cask Strength・Non Coloured・Non Chill Filtered・Limited Edition]



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