Whisky Review: Limeburners “Directors Cut” M134

Tasting Notes

Limeburners “Directors Cut” Barrel M134 ☆☆

Style: Musky and Muscat-Sweet


Sprinkles of chili powder leads the introduction and followed by some adorable creamy beeswax which evolves to honey-coated mochi (Japanese rice cake) and cream brûlée. Subtle, dry raisin notes more apparent when giving it sometime to breathe, generating some appetizing acidity to make the nose very stimulating!


Sugary grape dessert wine at the first touch of the palate. It lingers for a short while until the sugar-coat dissolves… Hot chili burns a searing path and punches with real strength. A generous slice of strawberry plum cake with a special mix of spices as undertone, subtle hints of cloves, pepper, ginger, cinnamon and rhubarb… Complex, earthy and fresh!


The fury of spice dissipates and the finishing is a jolly good Muscat with drops of ginger juice. Stamps of oak come and fade, long sweet relishing finish.


Heavy, aromatic, spicy whisky and with enormous strength to back it up… Such a masculine character! Personally I really enjoyed the unique waxy touches and the spicy lower tones… It is a signature that seldom other whiskies can offer. For cask strength drinkers who are looking for something special, this is a must-try dram!

(2014/61%/NAS/Barrel No.:M134/NCF/NC/Bottle: 40 of 101)