Dram Review: Crown Royal Northern Harvest Rye

Look, to be quite clear, this entry is not about whether Mr. Murray was right when he crowned the Northern Harvest Rye the best whisky of the year. It’s simply how I felt about this dram..

Sweet honey and maple syrup on the nose, a light dose of drying rye spices. Cinnamon dust, white pepper and a white oak note. It’s rather fragrant.

Juicy and fruity on the palate initially but it dries up rather quickly. The creamy side then surfaces, smoothening the body. Nashi pears and ripe strawberries dusted with vanilla sugar providing that refreshing sweetness.

A mild finish with a hint of caramel note, there is an interesting smokiness to go with the mellow spices.

It is a very pleasant whisky and the thing I enjoy the most about this dram is that unlike a lot of rye whiskies, it is not heavy-handed with rye spices. I have tasted quite a few whiskies this year but I must say this wasn’t on my radar… so cheers Jim for bringing this to my attention.