Whisky Review: The Arran Machrie Moor Cask Strength Edition Batch 2


Tasting Notes:

The Arran Machrie Moor Cask Strength Edition Batch 2

Style: Spicy Sweet and Peaty


A peculiar nose, starts with an attention seeking peat at the front, followed by a mix of sour and sweet notes – vinegar and honey, carbonated drinks at one point, slight creamy and then there is reinforcement for the sweeter side, pineapples, chocolate and oat, a rather dry form of sweetness. An undertone of spiced wood and smoke to give some extra thickness and backbone to the structure.


Chocolate drizzles on malt biscuit at the first sip. Brilliant oiliness and sweetness with subtle pear and pineapple notes while really strong on vanilla and whipped cream. Reminds me of egg custard with syrupy topping here! Spices flares, smoke churns and peat burns from behind and wrap around the sweet core.


Soft milky egg pudding notes remaining toward the end. Threw in some burnt oak to balance with the sweet flavours with some dryness and bitterness. Indistinct smoke and peat stayed for a short while, tasty finish.


The nose caught me off guard with its stark acidity, a really interesting way to play the stimulating and surprising factor. It is also surprisingly not very spicy, especially considering the abv is very close to 60%. Overall it is a nice sweet dessert-like Whisky with a decent balance/mix of dryness, smoke and peat. Delicious drop, this is.

(2015/OB/NAS/CS/NC/NCF/Batch No. 2/LE/9000bottles)


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