Side by Side: Highland Park 18 Years Old and Omega Speedmaster Professional

This post is a bit different from my usual posts. I often see lifestyle photos of watches with whiskies and whilst most of my friends seem to think it’s trivial to pair a dram with a watch, I do think that there is an enjoyment to be had, at least on a personal level, and I thought I would try to elaborate a bit…

Highland Park 18 YO was one of the first whiskies that made me go “ahhh, I get why this is different, fair enough..” It was a time when I wasn’t content with the $50 whiskies anymore and wanted to indulge myself.

The Speedmaster on the other hand, is just pure bliss. The dozens of seconds I spend winding every morning are probably some of the most serene moments of my day. It’s that moment of peace not unlike getting a hair cut from a barber who respects the art of silence. The same, of course, can be said about having a healthy nightcap of the Highland Park 18.

And if you deep dive into the worlds of single malt whiskies and mechanical watches, you eventually learn to appreciate the craftsmanship behind. Both may be mass-produced and affordable, well relatively speaking… but nonetheless they require an investment, an investment towards your growth in appreciating the finer things in life.

I remember calling the 18 “remarkably unremarkable” but it is so much more than just a well balanced drop. In a world of plenty releases, it is truly a dram one can go back to time after time and not miss a beat. It still offers the same familiar satisfaction from when you first took a sip. You never really forget the first time you put the speedy on your wrist either, the details optimally arranged together to form a timeless piece.

For me, they are romantic objects, evoking nostalgia thoughts, they embody how I imagine things should be done and at the end of the day it’s these wee things that inspire..