Whisky Review: GlenDronach 1990 Single Cask 23 Years old

Distilled 05/09/1990, bottled 10/2013. Cask No. 1243, Bottle No. 386/679 – Batch 9


Colour: Dark varnished Cherry wood

Nose: A delicate yet intense sherry sweetness, this is a well-aged sherry bomb and it shows. Rich with dark burnt sugar, a cognac infused caramel drizzled over slow-stewed prunes. The undertones aplomb with dark ripe simmered fruits with a hint of musk which bestows its age. Take a slow long sniff and you’ll find a slig ht warming and smoky pimento chilli spice which ties this dram altogether in a beautiful symphony.

Palate: Mmm A dark and deep dram this is with a sublime silky and syrupy texture. An Intense complexity at the start with a rather heavy dark chocolate influence, within the 70-80% cacao range with a similar slight bitter lingering in the best possible manner. Definitely complimented by a rich and thick Seville orange marmalade and a large side of the simmered dark fruits. The finish is long and sweet with a hint of woody spices and a hit spiced rum-soaked raisins.

Overall: Another Great example of a well-aged GlenDronach. Of late, there have been some fantastic sherry bombs coming from the Asia-Pac region, but there is still quite some magic in the old sherry scotches of old and I would definitely encourage all who have the opportunity to have a taste and to see for yourself!