Whisky Review: The Yamazaki Puncheon

Thick fluffy peach-vanilla spiced with a quick spicy touch of pepper and cloves. Tender fragrance of honey milk soap diffusing in a heart warming fashion. Tight notes of orange zest, rather raw and bitter-ish at the back.

A delicious blend of pineapple juice and vanilla cream! Fruitiness went into an aromatic burst, followed by soft coconut milk and burnt caramel. Cleansing spice flares up to give a nice texture. Honey malt sweetness and a gentle touch of oak lingers.. Aftertaste of honey toast with a hint of burnt spice. Subtle floral fragrance and vanilla oak gently fluttering from back to front.

To me this is a rather typical whisky that does not make big statements or play in any specialities, no wow factor. But it struck me the other night when I did a whisky flight. This Yamazaki is simple, sweet and light, but the flavour unbelievably refined, with stunning finesse! As if every particle in the dram has been super-charged with the lovely flavours which reaches its fullness… This is the reason why I have a lot of respect to this distillery located near Osaka, Japan.