Dram Review: Miyagikyo 12 Years Old Malty & Soft

[55.0%・12 Years Old・Bottled Circa. 2012-2015・Official Bottling・Limited Release]

One of the key note expressions from the distillery in Sendai in the rather limited Nikka series, it has been procured by the wonderful Tokyo Bird for the lucky crowd here in Sydney.


A lovingly rich dose of malted buttery shortbreads on the nose. Soft fruity note of apricot nectar with delicate sugary smoke. A wee hint of glue and wood chips, reminiscent of a childhood wood craft class from years ago.

Palate & Finish:

A luscious body of a palate, tropical fruit nectar and vanilla cream with a hit of wood spices. The maltiness surfaces with the spices slowly but surely reaching crescendo.

The spices prolong in the finish but eventually fizzle out, making way for the soft caramel notes.

– Nicholas

Whisky Review: The Yamazaki Puncheon

Thick fluffy peach-vanilla spiced with a quick spicy touch of pepper and cloves. Tender fragrance of honey milk soap diffusing in a heart warming fashion. Tight notes of orange zest, rather raw and bitter-ish at the back.

A delicious blend of pineapple juice and vanilla cream! Fruitiness went into an aromatic burst, followed by soft coconut milk and burnt caramel. Cleansing spice flares up to give a nice texture. Honey malt sweetness and a gentle touch of oak lingers.. Aftertaste of honey toast with a hint of burnt spice. Subtle floral fragrance and vanilla oak gently fluttering from back to front.

To me this is a rather typical whisky that does not make big statements or play in any specialities, no wow factor. But it struck me the other night when I did a whisky flight. This Yamazaki is simple, sweet and light, but the flavour unbelievably refined, with stunning finesse! As if every particle in the dram has been super-charged with the lovely flavours which reaches its fullness… This is the reason why I have a lot of respect to this distillery located near Osaka, Japan.


Whisky Review: The Glenlivet Single Cask Edition “Morinsh” 1999

Style: Fruity and Spicy


Starts with signature green apple with thick coconut cream at the nose. Followed by young mangoes, lime and ginger to give rich fruitiness. A suggestive hint of timber wood and white pepper at the back.


Smooth, sweet nectar flow at the first touch of palate, beautiful texture. Initial citrus-y notes with a bite of honey dew, which quickly transits to bright, solid, aromatic green apples. Delicious touches of coconut and vanilla cream, which then dissolves into tingling ginger spice and lime… Smooth, pleasing fragrance burn.


Aftertaste of a caramel ginger lemon cake, spices still slowly unwinding to give causal sparks, more vanilla and oak roll in towards the end, enduring sweet finish.


Classic Glenlivet at full strength, when I cross checked with my previous review on Nadurra, I am quite surprised by the similarity between them(although they are matured for similar period and both with American oak). Morinsh offers a slightly different and more refined form of fruitiness and with higher power. Lovely harmonious coordination between sweet fruity notes and spices which creates an enjoyable profile.

[Recommended if you like the style/ distillery]

[56.3% • 2014 Bottled • Aged 15 Years •  Non Coloured • Non Chill Filtered • Cask Strength • Single Cask • Cask Number: 130975]