Whisky Review: SMWS 66.66 Ardmore “Ginger Makes Fred Smile”

Tasting Notes

SMWS 66.66 Ardmore “Ginger Makes Fred Smile” ☆ [Recommended]

Style: Ginger and Spicy


Huge, dry notes at the front – Autumn leaves in early winter breeze, followed by a robust scent of vanilla yogurt, full cream milk with a swirl of honey and figs. Ginger spice kicks in with a hint of ashy peat and salted caramel.


Honey caramel first touch and the devilish ginger steers in and took charge. Flooded with spiciness like a sea of fire… This is one of the spiciest Whisky I have ever tasted! Leftover an underlying layer of smoking wood ash and peat, then my attention was then brought back to the sweetness which has never left – chocolate fudge, toffee, toasted oak and sweet malt lingering, ginger bite towards the end.


Fantastic finish – freshly peeled ginger skin! Dry, sharp, raw and earthy! Soft chocolate notes has sustained well to support the texture.


Big big fan of this whisky. Enormous character with a marvellous charge of dryness and spiciness with great strength, which is adequately supplemented by the swaying caramel sweetness, striking the perfect balance… My favourite go-to SMWS bottling so far, it is already half way through in less than 2 months! Boy I should have bought more than one bottle of this…

[61.8% • 2014 • Aged 10 Years • Independent Bottling • Cask Strength • Single Cask • Non Coloured • Non Chill Filtered • Limited Release • 261 Bottles • First Fill White Wine Hogshead]


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