Whisky Review: Ardbeg Supernova 2014 Committee Release 

Meek aroma of an intriguing mix of ripe cherry, paw paw, mango and kamquat. Followed by fresh lemon zest, smoked beacon peat garnished with a touch of milky vanilla cream. Spices was slightly held back to give a softer punch on the nose.

Lovely fruit punchbowl! Mashed fruits of Valencia oranges, lemon, cherries mixed with mint and a hint of eucalyptus leaves! Sweet, compact and energetic! The injection of the smoky peat has enhanced the richness on the palate. Spices give out a wonderful fizz towards the end, tingling playfulness, great texture!

The consistent run of the smoke and peat plays a more significant role at finishing. Fruits and vanilla becoming more illusive but lurks around long enough for me to savor the sweetness which has been ongoing in my mouth…

A lovely light and crisp dram. Amazing articulation of sweetness, as if all the fruitiness are mashed, condensed and amalgamated into something brand new – something honey sweet, agile, delicate and exhilarating… The smoke and peat has nicely sided with the fruity sweet core in a distinct fashion, the teasing fizzy spice is simply adorable… This is something special and a must-have for Ardbeg fans!