First Impression: Nikka Coffey Malt


This one a colour of Deep Gold, mildly cloudy compared to the grain. On the nose, Err Coffee actually…or dried coffee granules to be exact with a sharpness of dried lemon peels that bring some acidity to the nose! Leave it for a while and it becomes softer with notes of steamed Japanese coffee cakes, banana candies, milk chocolate and flakes of dried coconut. Malty and creamy undertones that really highlight the difference between the Coffey Grain and this.

The palates delicately sweet and a little oily with a supremely smooth mouthfeel. The steamed cake and softer notes are more apparent, with the banana candies re-appearing here and and a hint of creamy lemon curd. A little more complex than the Coffey grain with a slightly longer finish of the coffee cake and bitter lemon peels. Both are sublime!

Personally I find both that the Coffey Grain/Malt are slighty sweeter whiskies, which is probably due to the Coffey style stills used but for that reason I feel that it works better with the Grain and thus if I had to pick, it be the one. But since I don’t I’ll have both!