Whisky Review: Rosebank Aged 21 Years 

Tasting Notes:

Rosebank Aged 21 Years ☆ [Recommended]


Sweet apple frangipane tart surrounded by cloves and ginger at the nose. Strong bite of orange peel with pencil shavings brings out an extra floral touch of the dram. Very very powerful aroma, complex and enjoyable once you take a moment and cut through the strength.


Condense fruitiness at the palate like an autumn fruit cake. Delightful interplay of ripe blue berry, apple and pear notes. Interesting spicy backbone contributing some freshness here… Vanilla creaminess comes in the middle and quickly followed by the incense oaky touches. Light texture like rose water, but carrying an unexpected big punch of strength and intensity!


Echoes of fruity fragrance at the finish. Sweet as honey but it is so light that not the slightest burden has been given to my tongue. Incense candle burning slowly that can keep you satisfied on and on…


A heavy but light whisky for me. Heavy, intense and fumy cluster of flavours delivered in the lightest manner. The condensation of a complex fruitiness profile is impressive, and the sharp spicy undertone did a good counter-balance to make everything possible. Lively, fruity dram with plenty of strength from a closed distillery (with many have high hopes of resurrection). Enjoy it while you can!

[55.3%・2014・Original Bottling ・Cask Strength ・ Non Chill Filtered ・Non Coloured ・Limited Edition ・2846 of 4530 Bottles ・Limited Edition ・ Closed Distillery]

– Esmond