Whisky Review: Kilchoman Machir Bay 2014

Tasting Notes:

Kilchoman Machir Bay 2014 Edition ☆

Style: Maritime and Delicate Fruits


Starts with sea-salt rubbed pineapple notes which offer fresh, sweet fruitiness and vibrant youthfulness, a touch of seaweed flakes, the saltiness and slightly peaty aroma has effectively masked the distant vanilla and pecan hiding behind the scene.


Delicate first touch at the palate. The texture is so delicate and silky that not a particle is offensive when it reaches you tongue… The flavour slowly unwinds and we have some creamy coconut ice cream, freshly cut pineapple at the side, topped with a few drops of hazelnut oil and orange zest, delicious dessert! A small pinch of white pepper and spice was added towards the end of the course and the smoke and peat rolling in at the back to set in a deeper tone.


The remaining peat mixes with dried apricots, faint hints of hazelnuts and vanilla oak. Light fruitiness and tender creaminess stays on long enough to enjoy.


The Machir Bay is the very first Kilchoman that I have come across, the ultra-light character has made a huge impression on me. There is a wonderful character to this award winning dram, exceptionally light bodied whisky with sufficient flavours coming through. Light, lively and aromatic, slightly peated and smoked to give a lovely balance; the addition of nutty oloroso element makes the sweetness rounder and fuller… This is something that I recommend to those who haven’t tried it yet, remarkable stuff!