First Impression: Black Bull 12 Years Old


Made from 50% Corn Spirit and 50% Malt Spirit. A warming Amber Gold colour and a nose that’s Full and Rich! Loads of dried fruits and toasted oak that’s been well aged. An intense sweetness like wild raw honey with plenty of figs and dates. Quite nutty with hints of burnt banana toffee and citrus oils. A touch of water reveals the undertones redolent of fresh ripe fruits, honeydew melon and again the intense oak.

Take a nip and notice it’s richness and slight spiciness. The sweet dried fruits hits you first but the oak is the dominant factor here, you can almost taste the toasted cask itself! The dried fruit complements the oak very well, and gives it a freshly baked dried fruit bread kind of character. A faint peatiness as well. The finish is quite dry, with notes of honey and vanilla with a faintly yeasty note. Overall a prime example that reasonably priced blended Whiskies can be lovely!