In case you weren’t there: The Oak Barrel Whisky Fair 2015

I think the feature photo sums up the Whisky Fair really well. It was mighty fun with just a healthy dose of craziness.

I probably sampled about 20 whiskies and armagnac all-together and mid-way through the second dram I knew it would be futile to keep notes. Still I want to share a few personal highlights of the day, even though there were heaps of great whiskies on show.

The Glenlochy Gordon & MacPhail Bottling (Distilled in 1979, bottled in 2012) ☆

What a way to kick off the fair. A fine dram from the closed distillery. Everything you would want for a first dram in the afternoon. Clean fruitiness, ladened with floral honey, vanilla, caramel with a slight presence of light beeswax notes. It is not at all burdened by its age but rather the years of maturation has added to its elegance.

Darroze Bas-Armagnac 1992 ☆

It has been said before but there is really some good bargains in the Armagnac market these days. The whisky nerd in me can’t help but appreciate how the elements combine together to form a delicious experience. The waxy, earthy and peppery notes from the oak maturation process balance well with the refined spirit, a real fine job.

 The Limeburners Directors Cut ☆

A premium creation of Cameron, and it’s indeed a classy dram.

On the nose, it still retains that iconic beeswax note in many of the distillery’s single cask offerings. What makes it interesting is that tobacco note on the backend of the nose. A well rounded dram, cut back from the usual heaviness and richness. The syrupy palate slowly melts into satisfaction.

 Black Gate New Make

Batch 2 and Batch 5 are both superb and it’s because of this quintessentially Australian spirit, bold with that welcomed dose of dirtiness to truly make things exciting. Looking forward to their port matured offering coming in the not too distant future!

And on that note, I shall go hydrate myself and have a lie-down. The day has been hectic but such a mighty fun time with my fellow drammies.