First Impression: Bruichladdich Octomore Edition 7.2


Tip over the darkness and let the sweet nectar of light straw with ghosting’s of emerald splash out. The nose is intense and serious, a mixture of sweet and savouriness. Mmm delicious fresh and oily smoked eels, then some grinded macha (green tea) and then a complex dashi broth (stock made with Bonito and dried kelp). The undertones ripe with strawberries and light cereal grains.

A powerful and complex palate similar to its nose, but leans more onto sweet peat which then changes with a smoky and ashy Quality. A chewy profile which leads to a sweet and bitter note like a macha biscuit. Oily eel again in the background. The finish is long and peaty, highlighted by the winey tannins. It also shows a basket of dark fruits and the grainy cereal notes! Astonishing!