Whisky Review: New World Projects Oak Barrel Whisky Fair 2014 Bottling

A.K.A. “The Australian Dream”

Musky nose, it has a powerful floral note with a hint of bubblegum. Light grapes and cloves. Creamy dark chocolate with bits of tobacco and Chinese hawthorn berries.

Strong, intense palate of syrupy dark berries and blood orange notes. Rich cinnamon and hot spices. A hint of icing sugar. Tobacco leaves on the backend.

The syrupy sweetness live long and strong. Hint of strawberries. The oaky note is subtle but accentuates the experience.

Pride of Starward. The Australian dream.



Tasting Notes:

Starward Oak Barrel Whisky Fair 2014 Bottling  ☆☆ [Highly Recommended]

Style: Musky and Complex


Immense red licorice sweetness with great refreshing spice at the first whiff. Rose syrup weaves beautifully with a touch of sour mash, milk chocolate, vanilla and malt. A very complex nose. Musky and soothing.


Floral nectar sweetness land gently on the palate, a very soft and pleasant mouth-feel. Then here comes the waves of searing spice to reveal its strength. Delicious chocolate fruit tart and vanilla follows to enrich the flavor. So musky! Slowly it mellows down to release malty and oaky notes.


Floral nectar presence towards the end, combined with the oak and malt to produce a mellow lingering sweet finish…


The beautiful thing of this whisky is how the strength supports the complexity and amplify the flavors. I can feel the aroma lifting and circling in my mouth and goes all the way up to my nose. The muskiness, the fragrance, soft lower tones, sharp higher tones are all done perfectly…