First Impression: Koval Millet


In the glass it shows its Luscious Amber Gold. The initial wiff is a little rough with notes of alcohol swabs. Give it 5mins and it opens up to a beautiful perfumed nose with a lovely bourbon infused caramel note which gently eases into honeyed toasted almonds. Then you get floral honeysuckle and herby cloves. All of which is underpinned with toasted banana bread and more nuttiness. Overall, very toasty…

On the tongue you first notice the ripe bananas and creamy grains which then evolves into charred oak and clove spices. There’s also a freshness like ripe Williams pears and dried apricots. The finish is long and delicious studded with roasted nuts!

An interesting and unique whiskey that definitely deserves some attention from bourbon fans! But personally I think it could be better with a higher proof to boosts its flavor profile. Good Stuff!