First Impression: Highland Park Vintage Collection 1978


The 1978 Highland Park, A 33 Year Old Travel exclusive edition bottled at 47.8% ABV, starts off with a bright and bronzed gold appearance with light ruby hues.

The nose is intricately complex and is full of sweet dark fruits like the juiciest sun-ripened Californian cherries and brandied stewed prunes. Earthy and woody cedar chips and oak dominate the undertone and accentuates the sweet finish of manuka honey and skins of ripe honeydew melons.

The palate is rich and spicy with mellow touches of oak and peat. It evokes memories of Poached Marsala cherries with spicy ginger.

The finish is long and smouldering with the slightest hints of the subdued peat and a faint charred smokiness.

This is a prime example of how age can perfectly marry the polarizing natures of sherry and peat in a classic highland malt and produce a exceptionally well balanced single malt with a deep rich flavour profile. Exquisite.