Dram Review: Hakushu Heavily Peated Bottled in 2012

[48.0%・Bottled in 2012・Original Bottling・Limited Release]


A delicate sweet smoke on the nose, cucumbers and forest pines. It doesn’t feel like it’s heavily peated, the peat is clean. The freshness of green fruits is truly lovely with just a hint of vanilla and a brush of honey. The woody peat and green papaya notes come out after a while with just a sprinkle of peppery spices. This beauty is rather shy, taking her time to lure you in. Then on the very back end, fragrant sweet pasture, salted caramel and a lime zing. It should really be bottled into a perfume.

Palate & Finish:

A refreshing sweetness of cucumbers, green apples and limes hits the palate first, then the salted caramel fudge comes on to add to the chewiness. The peat then develops subtly to add more substance to this sophisticated gem.

The finishing is as tender as a warm spring night, with the fresh peat and the oak married together in harmony. The light spices behave youthfully and playfully and it’s just plain wonderful.


A.K.A. “Tender is the Oriental Night”..

☆ [Recommended]