Whisky Review: Glenmorangie Private Edition “Ealanta”

Style: Citrus Fruits, Perfume Oak and Elegant


At the nose, there is a delicate touch of orange peels with icing sugar and floral nectar. Gradually it makes a creamy vanilla turn and introduces a unique incense of timber shavings which is so light and so alluring! The beautiful scent is complimented with a refreshing spice of black pepper notes and the slightest hint of cloves…


The palate begins with a delicious running flow of floral nectar. Citrus orange peels, cinnamon, almond nuts and tingling spices combine together perfectly to hit a bright and resounding tone! Then in comes a deep wave of timber fragrance, juicy vanilla-infused oaky notes with lovely tannins, mixed spices, shrine wood and subtle dried fruits. So complex, lofty and effortlessly elegant…


Ongoing fragrance of oak with an extra charred touch at the finish, sweet vanilla oil, lightly roasted vanilla almonds and some subtle tropical fruits to make it sweet and relaxing.


Glenmorangie Ealanta is the World Whisky of the Year in Mr. Jim Murray’s Whisky Bible 2014, and for a good reason too. Stunning complexity and fragrance, and to me, the maturation of the oak/wood element reaches perfect optimization and the presentation is beyond imagination: For one moment I forgot all about vanilla sweetness versus bitterness; I forgot about wood freshness versus over-baked notes; I am only wondering if I am inhaling the air of the Mark Twain Forest, Missouri.

☆☆ [Highly Recommended]

[46% • Original Bottling • 1993 Distilled • 2012 Bottled • Non Chill Filtered • Limited Edition • Matured in Missouri White Oak Casks • **]