Whisky Review: Glenfarclas Aged 15 Years (circa 2006)

Style: Sweet and Creamy

Roasted pop corn dipped into creamed honey. A faint hint of tropical fruits, coconut and pepper spice. More gentle malty notes coming out at the back. Smooth and harmonious.

At the first sip a quick rush of raisin sweetness combined with some fresh oaky noted to create a delicious roast marshmallows theme, yum yum! Subtle tannins danced for a short while and invited more spicy notes to give a really good texture. Some fuzzy, juicy malt comes in towards the end.

Aftertaste of bonfire roasted marshmallows, the milky sweetness is so chewy and won’t go away. Some touches of raisins, chocolate and toasted almonds to make the finish more flavorful.

Clean, crisp honey juicy sweet profile created by a number of subtle elements with good complexity as well as striking the right balance. In Glenfarclas 15, it is not only fresh but also elegant. Great daily whisky that I can always go back to it.

[46% •  circa 2006 • Original Bottling • Non Coloured • Non Chill Filtered • General Release • *]


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