GlenDronach Recherche


A Dream, No. 1 – GlenDronach 1968 Recherche. A 44 Year Old Single Cask No. 005, Bottle No. 179/633

The Recherche represents the oldest cask left in the warehouse of GlenDronach.

An appearance of varnished wood mahogany. A dip of the nose and one is rewarded by big wiffs of sandalwood and aged tan leather. The sweetness of nothing as crude as honey or sugar but what I can only describe as pure nectar! Then you get subtle notes of caramelized citrus oils and cognac stewed prunes. Finishing with the amazing undertones of Muskiness akin to a Grand Old Library which only seems to come with especially aged Sherry whiskies.

Treat yourself to a taste and you’ll be instantly rewarded with an extremely complex and perfumed palate which interchanges between in intense leather oakiness and earth bitter dark chocolate nibs. Enhanced by the sweet-bitter nature of dark rum-soaked raisins and a contrasting savouriness like aged Comte.

Given a Chance Don’t miss it!

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